martedì 19 agosto 2014

Quality/3 - Rules prevent the best performers: true or false?

Rules prevent the best performers from standing out.

In the contest of the Workshop Questionnaire I proposed to my collegues, the meaning of “rules” concerns the provision of  adequate internal standard, policies, guidelines, procedures, working instructions, circulars etc. to establish the structure of an organization.

The topic ties in with the previous Question related to the association between quality and bureaucracy.
The answers to the questionnaire showed the widespread awareness that working processes can be established without affecting creativity and personal competences.
Moreover, the Management System requires periodical measurements to evaluate performances of processes impartially and objectively. 
These methods shall demonstrate the ability of the processes and processors to achieve planned results.
It sounds like a good opportunity for best performers to stand out, doesn't it?

Unfortunately things are not so easy because documentation has to be, first of all, prepared and often has to be shared with other departments. Always has to be submitted for approval and updated anytime there is a change,  etc.
For sure that it’s a real  effort to be considered but in any case a clear documentation, generally speaking, supports attitudes of enterprise and improvement.

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